Step 1: Initiate Contact

Call (41) 79.694.2805 or write a email. Please provide the best phone number to reach you directly, times you are available to have a private telephone conversation, and a brief purpose of the therapy sought.  This initial telephone conversation is free of charge.

Step 2: Telephone Intake

I will call you to conduct a 15-20 minute initial telephone intake. This call will fore mostly give you a sense of who I am and give you an opportunity to answer any questions you have regarding therapy and/or myself. There is no charge for this confidential conversation.

Step 3: Schedule Your First Session

If you are happy with the initial contact, you can schedule your first session. Nervous? Have a look at the helpful directions & parking guide.

Step 4: Ongoing Therapy

We will meet at the same time every week. Sessions are 50 minutes long. As therapy progresses, we will build our relationship and we will work together on a common agreed contract. You will be as honest and open as you can and together we will work together to uncover unconscious issues. By revealing negative templates, you will experience more self acceptance and self love and a greater flexibility in your relationships.  We can always go deeper and so we will decide together when we terminate.