I believe that as we are wounded in relationship we are also healed in relationship. Statistics have proven that 80% of Clients in talking therapy report beneficial results and 30% of this success is based on the quality of the therapeutic alliance.

I am a relational Counsellor which means empathy and attunement are at the core of my work. Transactional analysis is a modern day adaptation of classical Freudian psychoanalysis providing a number of tools to detect unconscious negative thinking and patterns. TA therefore becomes accessible and affordable for everyone, thus my moto ‘Everyday Therapy’ for everyday people.

The concepts I embrace :

♪ Confidentiality and non judgment
♪ I speak equally to what is going well as well as what is not
♪ Focus is on our relationship as the main healing component
♪ Concept of ‘We’ as in shared responsibility
♪ Focus on present centered development, as the past lives in the present
♪ Hope and expectancy of atteints

I have not always been a Counsellor.

In my prior life I worked with the United Nations, Diplomatic and Military Corps.  I have a MA in Human Resources from Webster University and a BA in Anthropology from UCSB.