I accept who I am

I didn’t realize how important it was to love yourself.   Processing past issues, taking responsibility for my actions, letting go of the past and accepting who I am, have resulted in an internal sense of well-being.  The true gift is knowing there is plenty of space for growth from within.


I learned so much I feel different.  Therapy prompted me to work on myself and gave me a renewed awareness of self.  I think about why I’m feeling a certain way; and realize I was controlling people.  I now feel empowered. 

My difference

I used to think that others thought like me but then I found out that I think differently.  At first, I wanted to fit in & conform but now I honour my difference.  I can go out into the world, proud and confident. 

Stronger and happier

I learned that I don’t have to tolerate everything, I can decide differently.  And that it’s OK to have needs.  My sadness has been replaced by compassion for myself and others.  And with self-care in my life, I’m beginning to feel stronger and happier.